Tailored solution

Our software is adaptable to your company’s needs. Indoor or outdoor? General visual inspections or specific use-cases? We provide a tailored solution.

Fully committed team

We remain responsive until we jointly make sure there is an integrated, cost-effective and certified drone solution in place, with validated business & use cases.

Fully committed team

Gülcan Aygün

Head of Data, Business Transformation & Continuous Improvement
@KLM Engineering & Maintenance

“The promised capabilities are operational, and visibly add value. Mainblades’ team has listened to our needs and continues to be responsive, practical and hands-on.”

Sounds interesting. What’s next?

Our partners are our most valuable asset. In order to make sure that we can deliver on the tailored solution we promise, we have what we call a phased partnership approach.

We break the cooperation down into phases, with defined activities, requirements and outcomes. Each step forms a milestone with a go/no-go decision for the next phase.

  • 1. Feasibility Study

    We analyze the feasibility of drones for your organization and discuss the results with you.

  • 2. On-site demonstration

    This is meant to introduce and showcase our technology in your hangar.

  • Trial & Onboarding

    Let your staff evaluate the use of drones in your fleet scenarios. Determine the terms of cooperation.

  • 4. Full usage & deployment

    We integrate our products into your maintenance processes and re-validate cost efficiency. Your organisation supports certification efforts.

  • 5. Succes!

    We now have an integrated, cost-effective and certified drone solution with a validated business & use case in place.

Your cost-benefit calculator

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Questions about these numbers?

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Assumptions for the scan:

The calculation example above is for a general visual inspection after a lightning strike. It uses the following assumptions, based on data from actual customers.

Inspections cost:

€100/ hour

Hangar facility
€250/ hour

Inspections duration:

Wide body aircraft
Manual: 25 manhours
Drone: 3 manhours

Narrow body aircraft
Manual: 15 manhours
Drone: 1 manhour

Average lease costs:

Wide body
€900/ hour

Narrow body
€300/ hour