A.I. Powered Aircraft Inspections

Automatically identify anomalies for improved speed and safety in your airplane inspections. Gain insights for data-driven decision making in the maintenance & repair pipeline.

Improved speed

Our drones do a full body inspection in 45 mins (narrow body) to 3hrs (wide body). That’s over 10x faster than the current manual method.

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Improved consistency

Improved consistency

Automated flight paths create consistent inspection data. This consistency makes it compliant for warranty claims, and it allows for comparison over time.

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Improved accuracy

Our software identifies anomalies. This reduces human error in a repetitive task.

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rivet rash drone aircraft inspection
Mainblades team with a drone

Improved safety

Stay safely on the ground, whilst the drone reaches the upper surfaces.

Data-driven decision making

More consistent & accurate inspection data results in more reliable insights.
And better insights result in data-driven decision making in the maintenance & repair pipeline.

drone aircraft inspections over time

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