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Drone for automated inspection
Algorithm for damage recognition
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Aircraft inspections, scheduled or not, are necessary to keep the fleet airworthy. The current inspection methods involve multiple personnel operating man lifts to access upper areas and assess the aircraft status. As well as being challenging, the process can keep the aircraft out of service for up to 24 hours, resulting in significant financial implications. With that in mind, we provide aircraft drone inspections – an automated, cost-effective solution to decrease the time of aircraft inspections by 75%Our solution relies on a state-of-the-art drone and a customized software interface to provide an in-depth assessment of the aircraft statusWith our tool, aircraft engineers can collect, report, and share data in real-time, leading to a game-changing advantage: you can quickly act to minimize aircraft downtime and associated costs.

aircraft drone inspection

Faster | safer | easier

We have combined our experience in aircraft maintenance and robotics with state-of-the-art technology so that you can achieve game-changing results. Our drone-powered inspection tool can be accessed anywhere and anytime, enabling aircraft engineers to perform aircraft inspections in one click. The damage assessment report pinpoints the exact location of anomalies and damages found. This information can be used by your structure engineers to add notes on its depth for a faster decision on the additional repairs.

  • Easy: The high mobility and flexible deployment of our drone reduce the resources required for manual inspections.  
  • Fast: With our intuitive user interface, performing aircraft inspection and delivering data reports takes less than 1 hour.
  • Safe: An automated inspection process prevents human exposure to dangerous situations but also complies with high standards for safety and security. 

Innovative & proven solution

aircraft drone inspections

How do aircraft drone inspections work?

Performing aircraft drone inspections ias simple as 3-step process:

  • Unbox

    Our drone inspection solution comes in a single box stored in your tooling and equipment warehouse. The aircraft engineer picks up the box and brings it over to the aircraft. Within 5 minutes the drone is setup via our easy to use iOS application: fully operational and ready to fly the automated aircraft inspection.

  • Fly

    No licensed drone operator is needed, only supervision by your ground personnel who controls the whole procedure via our app interface. Our software enables the drone to safely fly around the aircraft in an automated manner, capturing around 400 high-resolution pictures for damage assessment.

  • Results

    After collecting the images, our machine learning software for damage recognition analyzes each one of them and generates a detailed report with relevant data for the engineer. The software classifies damages based on the aircrafts SRM, providing accurate dimension estimates and the locations in stringers & stations.  

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Inspection in 60-90 minutes

No cherry pickers required

Fully automated process

aircraft drone inspection

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