1. Unbox the drone

The drone is stored in a single box in your tooling and equipment warehouse. Within 5 minutes the drone is setup and ready to fly.

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2. Launch the Flight App

Complete the preflight checklist.
Select the inspection type or task card.
Start the automated flight.

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Mainblades Flight Application
Mainblades drone performing inspection on KLM aircraft

3. Fly & inspect

The drone will fly an autonomous flight around the aircraft.
Even in busy hangar environments.
Collecting high-res images & consistent, compliant inspection data.

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4. Review results

Our machine learning software analyzes each image:

It classifies damages based on the aircrafts SRM.
It provides dimension estimates, and locations in stringers & stations.
It generates compliant damage reports.

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aircraft inspection software

5. Remote hangar

The iPad app used in the hangar is synchronised with our Web Portal.
This can be accessed from anywhere.
Easy sharing with decision making units.

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6. Paperless hangar

Full mapping of entire aircraft with images.
Digital aircraft history for clear accountability.
Paperless process all the way through.

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