delta aircraft drone inspections 2

Delta TechOps joins forces with Mainblades

In a groundbreaking move for the MRO industry, Delta TechOps and Mainblades have joined forces to revolutionize automated aircraft drone inspections. The renowned industry leader has selected Mainblades as its partner to advance the technology. John Mathis, Manager of Technology Development Engineering at Delta TechOps, expressed the strategic importance of this alliance, stating, “We are…

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Aircraft Drone Inspections inside a hangar

Featured in “Dutch Pioneers in AI”

Mainblades has been featured in “Dutch Pioneers in AI“, a video series by Zuid Holland AI, official partner of The Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC). In this series startups are introduced that are leading the way in the development and use of Artificial Intelligence across a variety of industries. Interviewed by Tim Franken from the…

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Mainblades at MRO Europe 2022

Mainblades at MRO Europe 2022

We currently take final Part 145 certification steps for paint and high-speed tape inspections with drones. Soon, this technology is fully operational in the facilities of KLM E&M and beyond. Are you in London next week? Meet our team at MRO Europe 2022 and learn how we can make it work for your MRO organization…

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Mainblades Portal with data labeling interface

Data labeling interfaces: Build It Or Buy It?

Build it or buy it. Certainly, a debate that applies to data labeling. One of the first and most crucial steps in the machine learning development cycle and probably constantly on the mind of any data scientist. In this blog, Julian von der Goltz, Head of Machine Learning at Mainblades discusses the considerations we made to…

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Mainblades five years

We turn 5! Celebrating the Mainblades anniversary

A very special year for us. We turn five! Five wild years to say the least with uncertainty, changes and major milestones all around. From the first proof of concept to flying in operational hangars every day. This is our story. Read on to get a glimpse into our past, present and future. Before you…

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Featured in “Aviation Week Network”

Have you seen Aviation Week Network’s latest article about how we tackle challenges with paint chipping on Boeing 787 aircraft? A hot topic in aviation right now! The software developed in cooperation with KLM Engineering & Maintenance automatically identifies and labels both paint damage as well as high-speed tape using high-resolution images and measurements. This way it can predict where damage…

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Lidar Odometry Wing

Lidar Odometry: Automated Drones in GPS-denied environments

Robots that operate in particularly challenging environments such as aircraft hangars, require fast and accurate state estimation. With poor lighting and no GPS that can be a challenge. That is why the Mainblades development teams are proud to release a new, in-house developed lidar odometry algorithm that has been in daily operation in the maintenance…

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Mainblades in 2021

Mainblades in 2021: a year full of milestones

Despite many turbulences in the aviation industry, Mainblades can look back on a year full of achievements and key milestones. We signed two partnership contracts, gave demonstrations across two continents, flew over 200 automated inspections, participated in several international conferences and managed to secure approval for outdoor flights at active airports in Europe.

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outdoor aircraft drone inspection

Dutch Civil Aviation Authority ILT Approves Mainblades to perform Outdoor Aircraft Drone Inspections on Airports

Safety is one of the top priorities in aviation. That also includes the operation of drones. However, being, and more specifically staying compliant is an underestimated part of drone operations. Mainblades recently achieved a major milestone on this topic: the companies’ application to perform outdoor aircraft drone inspections at airports has been approved by the…

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slush 2021

Mainblades joins SLUSH 2021 event in Helsinki

Are you attending Slush 2021? The world’s leading startup event returns to Helsinki in person on December 1–2. Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement on a mission to help founders change the world. Since the event got going in Helsinki in 2008, it has thrown events in every corner of the globe and built digital initiatives…

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Mainblades e-pylon inspection

PowerBlades – Mainblades partners with DDC to develop automated drone inspections of electricity pylons

Most people don’t think about it when they switch on their light in the morning, but the electrons that light up the lamp on their bedside table have already traveled hundreds of kilometers through high-voltage lines via countless electricity pylons. Crucial infrastructure, which must be inspected regularly and thoroughly. Currently, a time and cost consuming…

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mro europe 2021 mainblades

Mainblades present at MRO Europe 2021

Mainblades will be exhibiting at this years’ MRO Europe 2021 event. With Aviation Week Intelligence Network (AWIN) forecasting the European MRO market will be the largest in the world in the next 10 years and global vaccination roll outs ramping up; excitement continues to build up for a return of in-person events. As such, the MRO Europe…

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drone competition winner

Melanie Richards winner of 2nd round drone competition

We have a winner! Congratulations Melanie Richards! Melanie is the winner of our recent drone competition and now proud owner of a DJI Mavic Mini. The aviation industry is still rather conservative. However, the world is changing fast, requiring the sector to deliberately disrupt itself and make a conscious effort to do business differently. This…

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outdoor aircraft drone inspection

Milestone achieved: outdoor aircraft drone inspections

4 min. read. Believe it or not. Drone-powered aircraft inspections are about to become mainstream. Why? Because our team has made groundbreaking progress and achieved a major milestone: conducting aircraft drone inspections in outdoor airport environments. No need anymore for unscheduled maintenance to be time-and cost-intensive because the hangar is occupied. We are convinced: with…

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stored aircraft

Returning a stored aircraft back into operation

The aviation world has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. An unprecedented number of aircraft have been grounded and need to be stored long term. This situation causes severe financial pressure on air operators, as well as on their service providers and the whole supply chain. With most of the world’s aircraft fleet currently in storage…

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People posing for a picture

Pieter Vonk winner of “win-a-drone” competition

We have a winner! Congratulations to Pieter Vonk for winning a brand new DJI Mavic Mini. Vonk participated in our “win-a-drone” competition in October and guessed the correct weight of the Mainblades drone solution: 6.14 kg. “I am fascinated how Mainblades dares to disrupt a very conventional industry. As Managing Director of a Marketing and…

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MRO Transatlantic Invitation

Mainblades present at the first-ever MRO TransAtlantic

Are you ready to discover the power of automation? From the 27th – 29th October, Mainblades – Aircraft Drone Inspections will be present at the first-ever MRO TransAtlantic. We are happy to launch our latest feature at MRO TransAtlantic: fully automated dent-and-buckle chart. Sign up for the event online and make an appointment with us…

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corendon aircraft inspections with a drone

Successful aircraft inspection demo with Corendon

Mainblades is currently on the brink of introducing its revolutionary aircraft inspection technology, using fully automated drones to the aviation sector and its maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) industry. That is why we are happy that our drone was spotted recently in hangar 32 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol! We were very excited to show how…

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General visual inspections of aircraft are the most recurrent procedure in aviation MRO

Your guide to general visual inspections of aircraft

Aircraft visual inspections are the fastest method of assessing the overall condition of an aircraft and its components. Over 80 percent of inspections on large transport aircraft are visual. As the most recurrent procedure in aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), it can range from a casual walk around to a detailed visual inspection. Here…

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Aircraft lightning strike damage

This is where aircraft lightning strike damage occurs

Lightning strikes are a daily occurrence on planet Earth and aircraft are not immune to it. Over the last months, how many times have you heard about aircraft that have experienced lightning strikes? Despite making to the news, none of these events usually lead to major accidents. However, aircraft may still sustain lightning strike damage,…

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Lightning protection of aircraft reduces the threat in case of an occurrence.

New trends in lightning protection of aircraft

Did you know that every commercial aircraft is struck by lightning more than once a year? According to ONERA, the French aerospace research center, an aircraft is struck by lightning every 1,000 flight hours. In most of the cases, lightning strikes are triggered by the aircraft itself. That is why lightning protection of aircraft is critical…

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Aircraft lightning protection reduces the threat in case of an occurrence.

How does aircraft lightning protection work?

Lightning strikes are an everyday occurrence on planet Earth: on average, lightning strikes occur 100 times every second throughout the whole world. Even though approximately 80% of those strikes are intra-cloud or cloud-to-cloud, i.e. lightning within the same cloud or between different clouds, they can still pose a risk to airborne objects, such as aircraft.…

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Machine learning and AI

In aviation, AI needs a human touch

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly becoming part of the aviation industry, making underlying algorithms and technologies ever smarter and more robust. Still, AI would not be developing at the same pace if it weren’t for the people behind it.

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The technical challenges of drone inspections

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, hold a lot of commercial potential. In the aviation industry, in particular, drone solutions, whether manual or automated, are becoming increasingly sought-after in performing visual aircraft inspections, which – unlike inspections performed by personnel – are easier, faster and more cost-efficient. As beneficial as that may be…

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Featured in “TU Delta”

Mainblades has been featured in the TU Delta – the alumni magazine for the Delft University of Technology. Check out the interview and our company story under the section ‘The Firm’:

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First drone inspection for KLM E&M by Mainblades Inspections

KLM Engineering & Maintenance conducted a drone inspection in hangar 10 in collaboration with the company Mainblades. The Boeing 737-800 with registration PH-BXY was inspected by the drone for lightning damage. The first results of the test are positive. During operation, small damage may occur, for example, by lightning or hailing. The high safety standard…

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