Mainblades Inspections is a start-up company based in The Hague, focusing on developing automated inspections of airplanes by drones. We are building a new tool for complete automation of the inspection process; from autonomous flight all the way through damage detection and assessment of visual data and reporting. Our automated drone ensures a more rapid and effective inspection on any location, allowing you to keep your airplanes off the ground!



Jochem Verboom


As an experienced software engineer and technical lead for different robotic systems I can execute the vision for the product we want to develop as Mainblades Inspections. We are convinced that the aviation industry is eager for such an innovation, with our goal to achieve a product which is an intelligent as well as a complementary tool for the experienced aviation engineers.


Dejan Borota


The idea of performing airplane inspections with drones has occupied our team since 2015. We have maintained a high persistence to communicate our vision to the right people with a sound plan. We are looking to verify our technological approach in the actual application, and simultaneously formulate the right foundations for a high potential business. I am convinced we are on the right track.


Mark Terheggen


I have pioneered the thought that the aviation maintenance industry can greatly benefit from drone technology. Enthusiasm bore fruits, resulting in the current composition of the team and partners. Coupled with advanced technologies we are developing, the deployment of our drones for inspection purposes is the first in a series of steps which will revolutionize the aviation sector.


Harm de Rooij

Product Engineer

A passion for designing innovative products. For me, aspects of being a designer involves solving problems that lead to innovative design and the learning process that comes with it. As a product engineer, I make sure all the electrical components of the drone come together in one integrated design. Some important features are making it weather tolerant, compact, tough and lightweight.


Julian von der Goltz

Software Engineer

Graduate Intern Imaging & AI. Big Robotics, AI and Aviation nerd, born in Germany with German and Indonesian roots. I studied Aerospace Engineering and Systems and Control at the TU Delft. At Mainblades, my task is the detection of damages on the aircraft images. As part of my graduation research, I am also investigating methods that deal with limited available training data for machine learning models.


Rick van Namen

Software Engineer

As a BioMechanical Design student with a specialization in BioRobotics, I got interested in the control of autonomous robots. Currently, I am working on my Master Thesis which aims at creating an accurate model of the drone and designing a position controller that can account for the uncertainty in the localization of the drone during flight.

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Remco Roozendaal

Robotics Software Engineer

My specialization is robot perception and sensor estimation algorithms. It is very exciting to make the complex problem of self localization in dynamic environments like airports into a robust product. I have a background as technical software developer in the mining and aviation industry, but nothing beats working with a passionate small team on a high tech, innovative product.


Sjoerd Kok

Electrical Engineer

Sjoerd is a passionate and talented electrical engineer. Next to his studies at the Haagse Hogeschool, he is working part-time at Mainblades Inspections. He is responsible for the design, manufacturing and testing of our product’s embedded electronic components. The PCB’s are essential for the power, communications and functioning of the ISAAC module.

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Robert Durrant

Software Engineer

After graduating Systems and Control at the TU Delft, I joined the Mainblades navigation team to contribute to the ambitious, innovative vision of autonomous aircraft inspections. With a theoretical background in motion planning and autonomous navigation for a swarm of aerial vehicles, my current challenge is to provide consistent, safe autotonomous flight for a physical drone.


Jim van Lienden

Software Engineer

Third year Software Engineering student from De Haagse Hogeschool, currently doing an internship at Mainblades Inspections. I am designing and implementing the backend server architecture which is required for the transfer of drone-collected data. My goal is to develop the backend tools needed to assist the airplane-damage-inspectors perform their job with this data.

Pablo Headshot icon

Pablo Arcila

UX Designer

When designing an application, the end-user is the one who will have the final say on the “does this work?” question. My job is to make sure our users will be satisfied with every aspect of the experience we offer, from interaction design to our brand’s presence. I’m a third year student of UX Design at De Haagse Hogeschool with ample freelancing experience, now working part-time at Mainblades.


Board of Advisors


Peter Hartman

Ex-CEO – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Derk-Jan van Heerden

Derk-Jan van Heerden

CEO & Founder – AELS

Babuska, Robert

Robert Babuska

Professor of Intelligent Control and Robotics at TU Delft


Bart van Bijnen

Entrepreneur / advisor / investor

Our partners