Mainblades Inspections introduces an innovation for the aviation industry by offering automated drone inspections. For unplanned inspections caused by, for example, lightning strikes, this inspection-as-a-service is a major improvement to current processes, which are rather impeding swift inspections. As a result, airlines and MRO's can significantly reduce the high costs related to unscheduled airplane inspections, while ensuring a high safety standard. The high mobility and flexible deployment of our platform allows for rapid and effective inspections on the spot, allowing us to keep airplanes off the ground.


Using our product the inspection can be automated, dependent on the risk factor for different areas of an airplane. As an additional benefit the procedure is digitized, such that the collected data can be further exploited for status assessment of the airplane.


The ability to perform swift inspections on aircrafts is crucial. We can perform the inspection at any location and complete the entire procedure in approximately two hours. With our technology we can ensure full coverage and provide an extensive inspection report.


The lightweight drone is completely equipped and integrated with state-of-the-art features regarding drones and robotic systems. A human factor is maintained in the loop to ensure a safely executed operation and careful damage evaluation.

Founding team

Dejan Borota

Based on my academic background and professional experience in robotic systems and control, I am convinced we are on the right path to revolutionize the aviation maintenance industry using drones.

Mark Terheggen

As a Boeing 777 pilot, I know what it is for a plane to be struck by lightning. With my background in the aviation industry and an entrepreneurial passion for drones technology, I am focused on bringing this product to market.

Jochem Verboom

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, this roboticist is making sure the inspection covers every section of an airplane.