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Welcome to Mainblades’ “Wishlist” – a collection of potential use cases that have been suggested by our valued partners. This list showcases the diversity of challenges that our technology can potentially address in the future. From placard inspections to digital dent & buckle charts, hail strike inspections, and lease return assessments, these concepts provide a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Rest assured, we are always open to collaboration and exploration, and should a partner express interest and commitment, these use cases could evolve into fully realized solutions.

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Placards in aircraft display important information such as operating limitations, emergency procedures, and maintenance details. Automating the inspection of these placards using drones could ensure their accuracy, completeness, and compliance, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Creating a digital dent and buckle chart involves using accurate 3D scanning technology to record and visualize any dents, buckles, or surface damages on an aircraft. This digital chart could aid in comprehensive damage assessment, repair planning, and tracking over time.

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Hail strikes can cause hidden damage to an aircraft’s structure, impacting its integrity and safety. Conducting drone-based inspections after a hailstorm could efficiently identify and document any potential damages, enabling timely repairs and maintenance.

Aircraft lease agreements often require a detailed assessment of the aircraft’s condition at the end of the lease term. Drones equipped with advanced sensors could streamline the inspection process, capturing high-quality visual data and documentation to support lease return negotiations

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