Aircraft inspections with a drone

For the better part of the last decade the aviation industry has been attempting to adopt drones for aircraft inspections. Some of the most important players in the sector – EasyjetKLMAir FranceAviancaAirbus, Delta, AA – have been working on solutions and pioneering the technology. However, all these leading players – even as of today – are not using it. Perhaps, aviation’s quick jump towards the innovation, was too premature, leading to expectations, leading to disappointment. The COVID-19 crisis however has recalibrated everybody in the aviation industry, forcing airlines, MRO’s, OEM’s to really look towards innovation for real-world, direct-to-be-implemented, cost-saving solutions. Mainblades is confident to provide you exactly that. 

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A new approach

Visual inspection methods have not evolved since the beginning of aviation. Using drones to inspect aircraft is therefore becoming sought-after among lessors, airlines and MRO organisations. Today, inspections are a highly manual process. An inspection of a single aircraft can last from 8 to 12 hours and involves 2 to 3 aircraft engineers, the use of binoculars and heavy equipment such as cherry pickers. Furthermore, inspecting an aircraft as big as the Boeing 787 can be quite a challenge: with 17 meters of height, the access to the top of its fuselage carries safety risks to personnel. It also means that the aircraft is towed to a hangar and must remain on the ground for many hours, causing flight delays or cancelations.


Inspection in 60-90 minutes


No cherry pickers required


Fully automated process

Why choose Mainblades?

Any aircraft

Any aircraft

It does not matter whether your fleet consists of smaller jets such as the Embraer 190, narrowbody aircraft such as Airbus A320 or widebodies like the Boeing 787. Mainblades is able to inspect any kind of aircraft. No changes to our system are required, making it a flexible solution for mixed fleets. We save your time by scanning the aircraft and assist you to focus on your expertise: analysing defects and make informed decisions on the maintenance tasks to be performed.

Indoor & Outdoor

Indoor & Outdoor

Hangar space is expensive to rent and not always available for aircraft operators. This is especially the case when unscheduled maintenance is required due to lightning strikes or other incidents. After a series of successful indoor tests our team was therefore eager to push our technology further in a way that it does not require a closed hangar environment. We worked hard to make outdoor inspections possible, allowing aircraft operators to make quick assessments on the spot.

Zero preparations

Zero preparations

Whether it houses a full-service FBO, aircraft service and repairs, prop shop, or repair facility, a commercial aircraft hangar is a busy place. Performing a drone inspection in this dynamic environment therefore may seem like a challenge. However, the precision of our navigation software paired with a variety of safety features guarantees a completely safe operation that requires zero preparation. Maintain peace of mind while full maintenance ops continue normally.

Out of the box

aircraft inspections with a drone

Flexible to use

aircraft inspections with a drone

Fully automated

aircraft inspections with a drone

Our unique proposition

  • Out-the-box solution

    Industrial quality hardware

    Includes all equipment for engineer

    Continuous software improvements

  • Flexibility of usage

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor inspections

    Hangar operations continue normally

    Works for all aircraft types

  • Automation

    Automated inspection flight

    Automated reporting and easy sharing

    Active machine learning algorithms

    Fully integrated back-end for data storage

    Suggestive damage detection based on SRM

aircraft inspections with drones
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How does our solution compare to the competition?

Aircraft inspections with drones is an emerging industry. In case you would like to understand how our solution compares to the competition, you can check out our comparison page.

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