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Lidar webinar

Radar? Yesterday’s news. Sonar? So out. Lidar is the new hot thing of the remote sensing world. If you haven’t heard of this technology before, it’s time you do. A global market that is expected to reach USD 3 Billion by 2027 taking over all kinds of industries including mapping, surveillance, driver-assistance systems, autonomous vehicles, intrusion detection, and many more. The fact that Apple has announced an iPad with Lidar indicates this technology’s arrival also in the public domain.

So what exactly is lidar? How do companies use it? And how can the #aviation and aircraft MRO industries benefit from it?

Watch our webinar and learn some interesting insights about this exciting technology!

Special guests: this time:

Andrew Moakes

Co-founder at Evitado Technologies

Nicolas Baroan

Business Developer at Ouster

Dejan Borota

Director at Mainblades

lidar webinar

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