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Over the last decade the aircraft MRO industry began to question their approaches. One of the hot topics: digitalization and data.

Airlines and MROs alike started leveraging AI, machine learning, big data and digital maintenance logs to better predict and manage their operations. Their vision? Not only provide better experiences to travelers, but also to improve maintenance performance, reduce unplanned downtime and save costs.

But how realistic is it to achieve these visions?

To build an integrated maintenance ecosystem, airlines will have to overcome a challenge that is as old as aviation itself: the ownership of operations, maintenance and data. Not only the willingness but also the ability to synch data across a variety of sources, formats and departments appears to be one of the main barriers for operators to fully invest in digital initiatives today.

So, what needs to happen? Where are we standing today and where are we heading?

Join us in our 5-part webinar series in which Mainblades brings together aviation innovators, entrepreneurs and changemakers.Data driven aircraft MRO

Special guests: this time:

Arun Chhabra

Co-founder and CEO at 8tree

Patrick Morcus

Chief Commercial Officer at Mainblades

data driven maintenance of aircraft

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