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Dutch Pioneers in AI

We turn 5!

Demos and use cases

A330 Outdoor Inspection

High-Speed Tape Inspection B787

B737 Indoor Inspection

7 benefits of using drones

Timelapse B787 Wing Inspection

New Partnership with KLM E&M


M300 Drone Installation

B787 drone inspection: walkthrough

Mainblades Flight app: walkthrough

Technical Videos

B737 Lidar Map

Real world vs lidar

Real Time Onboard SLAM

Mainblades Flight App Release

Lidar odometry: inspection of a wing

Lidar odometry: inspection of a tail

Webinars & Interviews

Webinar: The future of automated airport operations

Webinar: A data-driven Aircraft MRO industry

Webinar: How Lidar lifts aircraft MRO to new heights

Interview with Patrick Morcus

Interview with Tobias Wentzler

Interview with Peter Hartman

Interview with Paul Riemens