Small tweaks, huge improvements.

Every month, Mainblades sends out a short Tech Update newsletter with our latest software progress. On this page we offer a more detailed outline of what’s new.



Improved automated report generation

(Web Portal)

custom reports based on use case

synchronized with the Mainblades Flight App

all important details in one place

downloadable and easy to share as PDF

Improved calibration and set-up of cameras

(Web Portal & Flight App)

the perfect settings for every scenario

always the sharpest images possible


Performance improvements

(Flight App & Web Portal)

Loading speeds

This month we have implemented various performance improvements. These include

  • bug fixes
  • less loading times to see photos
  • faster connection between iPad software and drone onboard computer
  • faster inspection setup
  • larger inspections possible

Improved inspection quality

(Flight App & Web Portal)

Inspection quality

We have implemented various improvements to achieve better results for B787 wing inspections. You will notice that the drone’s motion is drastically smoother than it used to be. Both while going from waypoint to waypoint but also while hovering at a waypoint. As a result, the drone is completely stable when taking a picture. This helps to take even sharper images but also improves the bounding box accuracy for damage findings. On top of this this, all images are now better aligned in the gallery view, making it easier and intuitive to review them.

Refined inspection path planner

(Web Portal)

Highlight section on hover

We have improved the visualization of our path planning tool. When creating a new custom inspection path, specific pre-defined sections of the aircraft are now highlighted upon mouse hover. This makes it easier to select parts of the aircraft at once such as the wings, the fuselage, or the horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Particularly handy to plan paths that complete several job cards with a single drone flight.

Start and end point of path

We have also added visuals highlights to make it easier to understand where the start and end point of a new inspection path is as well as what the drone orientation is at any given point on the path.

Overhauled notification design

(Flight App)

More space for popups

During an inspection, the Mainblades Flight app interface now handles incoming notifications in a more intuitive way. Rather than blocking the screen with a popup, new notifications are neatly placed at the bottom, allowing users to easier go through them and take appropriate steps. Besides this, we also introduced new types of notifications. Before the drone reaches its first viewpoint to take the first picture for example, a notification at the bottom of the screen now prompts users to manually change the exposure of the photos to accommodate for different lighting conditions in the hangar. No more underexposed photos!

More options when creating new inspections

(Flight App)

Adding new aircraft registrations

Flying around an aircraft with the drone for the first time? Then chances are that that specific aircraft is not yet selectable when setting up an inspection. With the June release this changed. From now on users can easily add new aircraft models and their respective registration to the system.

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