Our product


Able to complete lightning strike inspections within standard airplane turnaround time of 2 hours


Employable for multiple commercial drones. We always work with the best drones on the market


New enabling tool for ground engineers


No licensed drone operator needed

Machine learning

Machine learning leverages previous inspections and inspector feedback to constantly improve system performance

All weather technology

Usable for indoor and outdoor inspections, depending on the drone platform


Safer and faster inspections


Instant damage report including the locations after the inspection

Inspection procedure

Our product will have a big impact on the current inspection procedure. Let’s take Schiphol Airport as an example.

Current procedure

When an airplane is hit by lightning, the average total turnaround time lies around 12 hours. Half of the time is wasted in getting the airplane to the hangar and back. The visual inspection performed by ground engineers takes about 4 hours. The rest of the time is used for the airplane to get ready for the next flight (refuelling, new passengers, new luggage)

New procedure

Performing a damage inspection with our product is much more efficient. The all-weather technology makes it possible to perform inspections outside, even during bad rain and wind. This means we can perform inspections at the gate, which is a huge benefit. The inspection can now take place during the turnaround time at the gate, which is around 2 hours.  In 80% of the cases it can continue the original schedule without repairs to the lightning strike damage.