aircraft inspection software


We make aircraft inspections a piece of cake. How? With the Mainblades Web Portal. A fully streamlined aircraft inspection software that supports mechanics and decision makers to assess the condition of the fleet in a coherent and standardized way. See pictures of the entire aircraft, review damages and compare the data with existing dent-and-buckle charts. Immediate insights for your maintenance team to take action.

Image capture

Full digital gallery of HD images

Damage detection

AI-based damage detection


Remotely accessible inspection logs

Synchronized through the cloud

Our aircraft inspection software is complemented with the Mainblades Flight application which is used by aircraft mechanics to perform the inspection in the hangar. Once the inspection is complete, Artificial Intelligence analyses all anomalies and generates detailed inspection reports. All damages are classified based on the aircraft’s SRM, providing accurate dimension estimates and locations according to structural elements such as frames, stations and stringers. Via cloud synchronization these reports then immediately become available to decision makers, which can access the data through the Web Portal from remote locations.

aircraft inspection software

Intuitive to use

Within 5 minutes the drone is fully operational via our easy to use iOS application and ready to perform an automated visual inspection. This high mobility and flexible deployment reduces the resources required for manual inspections, making the process a smooth experience for aircraft mechanics. Stay safely on the ground and in full control while our automated aircraft inspection software takes care of the job. Multiple inspection task cards can be completed with a single drone flight so that appropriate follow-up actions can be determined.

Providing actionable insights

aircraft inspection software


All important inspection details in one place.
aircraft inspection software


Full overview of all high-resolution images.
aircraft inspection software


List of damages, size estimates and location.

Tailored to your specific needs and use cases

Our aircraft inspection software can be adapted to the needs of your unique maintenance environment. Whether that is for GVIs, lightning strikes, paint peeling or any other use case. Need an example? Check out this video about how we developed a brand new use case in cooperation with KLM Engineering & Maintenance:

Paint peeling and high-speed tape inspections of Boeing B787 aircraft. A hot topic in aviation!

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