Meet our navigation module - ISAAC

Intelligent Sensing And Automated Control

ISAAC: add-to-drone navigation module

Intelligent Sensing And Automated Control, ISAAC. This is what we make, what we’re good at: the brain for a drone to make it capable of precision navigation and mapping around an aircraft, your aircraft. Our brain attached to the best commercial drone lets you perform the inspection fully automated with a 100% coverage of the area that needs to be inspected.

Application-specific drone

We use the best drones available on the market and use them as the body for our brain ISAAC. We integrate ISAAC and the drone does what you want: an automated visual inspection of your aircraft.

Inspection-specific sensor

Due to our modular approach, we are not limited to one application sensor. For a visual inspection you want a high resolution RGB camera, for other inspections you might want to use another sensor. With the Mainblades Inspections solution, you have multiple choices.



ISAAC can be used on multiple commercial drones. We always work with the best drones on the market.


New enabling tool for ground engineers. You perform the inspection with our tool.

Automated procedure

No licensed drone operator needed; only supervision by you.

Faster & safer

Complete lightning strike inspections within standard airplane turnaround time of 2 hours for wide body aircraft and 1 hour for narrow body aircraft.

All weather technology

Usable for indoor and outdoor inspections, with heavy or light payload: depending on inspection needs.

Machine learning

Machine learning leverages previous inspections and inspector feedback to constantly improve system performance.

Autonomous navigation

On-board navigation sensors and modules, GPS-independent: the drone actually sees the object and knows its way around it.

Damage localization and mapping

ISAAC makes it possible to know the exact location of the found damage, which is essential for an inspection.

Automated damage detection

Software for damage detection and recognition, with our customized human-in-the-loop data pipeline, allows us to iteratively improve the detection process.


Instant damage report including the locations after the inspection, integrated in your maintenance program.


We can offer you:

The package is all-in: you’ll get the hardware, software and our support. Just sit back and relax during your inspection. Contact us for your lease deal.

inspection tool plus full service

Drone with ISAAC

Ground station, everything you need to conduct the inspection

Sensor that fits your inspection (e.g. high resolution RGB camera for visual inspections)

Batteries plus charging station, enough to keep you in the air non stop

Initial training for ground engineers

Full maintenance, 100% uptime of hardware and software

Newest software, free updates

Your own company maintenance integration

Local Mainblades Inspections representative