‘Tech vendors sell beautiful technology,

but not building blocks that fit into the real process’

Often, tech & reality mismatch

Often when automating repetitive processes with robots and software, it fails in its execution. The tech can be mind blowing in its capabilities, but if the end product doesn’t meet the needs of those working with it on a day to day level, it fails.

That’s why we co-create

We co-create our product with our partners. Together, we automate and digitise existing workflows. We know the MRO process, and efficiently replace parts of it with robotics and automation software.


Our co-creators

Not only are they customers, they are also part owner. As they want this to be a success as much as we do, they give us the tools to do so: they use it daily, give us feedback on possible improvements, and help getting certified by the AAF.

KLM Training

Why that works

By understanding how you already work today, we develop software that matches those procedures. Our product is built to be flexible, making it easy to adapt to your individual business needs.