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Innovation is often postponed because of various concerns and questions. Everyone is scared of leaving their comfort zone and moving forward to the unknown future. As a high-tech company we truly understand this. We are convinced, in aviation these opportunities mean using drones to record and report damage with unparalleled efficiency. Together, we want to achieve the same mindset with you and make the use of drones a reality within your organization. Become one the of the leading innovators in aircraft maintenance and gain a competitive advantage in this domain. The opportunity is right in front of you. You just have to grab it. Are you ready?

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Mainblades Partnership roadmap

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Mainblades offers its drone solution for aircraft inspections at a standard day rate of $ 1,200.

This price includes the drone with all its hard-and software components as described on our website. Is a day-rate not the most ideal option for you? Don’t worry. We are open to discuss your use case and your needs and find arrangements that work best for you. For this, we have developed a proposal for a phased roadmap (see below) which may serve as a basis for discussion.

  • Phase 1: Demonstration

  • Phase 2: Availability on-site (trial)

  • Phase 3: Operational: In- & outdoor

  • Phase 4: OEM certified

Phase 1 is a 7-day demo which is meant to introduce and showcase our technology in your hangar. You will fly our drone autonomously on any aircraft from your fleet. Our team will be at your location to guide the process and instruct your staff in using our drone. After this week we will leave the drone at your location and phase 2 will start. Click here for impressions on what such a demonstration looks like.

Phase 1: Demonstration

Phase 2 will last for 3 months. During this period Mainblades will provide one indoor drone on-site in your hangar. It is expected that the drone will be used for the certification procedure with your local aviation authorities.

Phase 2: Availability on-site (trial)

Given a successful phase 2, the drone inspection is part of your Certified Release to Service (CRS). The drone is capable of outdoor flights and compliant with regulations.

Phase 3: Operational: in-and outdoor

Phase 4 is the last phase in our partnership roadmap during which you will help us with approval at the OEMs; Mainblades will upgrade all your drones to be suitable for outdoor. This phase commences when the drone is included in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) of your respective aircraft model.

Phase 4: OEM certified
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Get started with a demonstration

We will visit you for a demonstration on one of your airplanes

We will provide you with a clear understanding of our software and the possibilities it brings

Recommendations on how to implement drone operations training in your company

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Your point of contact

Dejan Borota Chief Executive Officer
Dejan is the Chief Executive officer at Mainblades. He is a TU Delft alumni and has a background in electrical engineering.
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Patrick Morcus Chief Commercial Officer
Patrick is the Chief Commercial Officer. He is involved in aviation for 25 years and has a unique vision for growing business.
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Michael Sprehe Marketing Manager
Michael is the Marketing Manager at Mainblades. He studied international business management and joined the company in 2020.
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