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drone with lidar and ISAAC

5G & water resistance: Mainblades updates ISAAC components and drone capabilities

Some people might call it a computer. We call it “the brain”. Meet our navigation module Intelligent  Sensing  And Automated  Control, or short: ISAAC. It is the module that makes our drone capable of precision navigation and mapping around aircraft. Our software and engineering teams have been working hard in the past months creating a complete overhaul including…

mainblades inspection solution

Ouster new supplier of high-performance digital lidar sensors for drone inspections.

Lidar has become one of the most important tools in the commercial drone industry. We are happy to announce that we recently established a new partnership with Ouster, one of the leading providers of digital lidar technology. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company designs and manufactures high-performance lidar sensors used in industrial automation applications across…

outdoor aircraft drone inspection

Milestone achieved: outdoor aircraft drone inspections

4 min. read. Believe it or not. Drone-powered aircraft inspections are about to become mainstream. Why? Because our team has made groundbreaking progress and achieved a major milestone: conducting aircraft drone inspections in outdoor airport environments. No need anymore for unscheduled maintenance to be time-and cost-intensive because the hangar is occupied. We are convinced: with…