Lightning protection of aircraft reduces the threat in case of an occurrence.

New trends in lightning protection of aircraft

Did you know that every commercial aircraft is struck by lightning more than once a year? According to ONERA, the French aerospace research center, an aircraft is struck by lightning every 1,000 flight hours. In most of the cases, lightning strikes are triggered by the aircraft itself. That is why lightning protection of aircraft is critical…

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Aircraft lightning protection reduces the threat in case of an occurrence.

How does aircraft lightning protection work?

Lightning strikes are an everyday occurrence on planet Earth: on average, lightning strikes occur 100 times every second throughout the whole world. Even though approximately 80% of those strikes are intra-cloud or cloud-to-cloud, i.e. lightning within the same cloud or between different clouds, they can still pose a risk to airborne objects, such as aircraft.…

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Machine learning and AI

In aviation, AI needs a human touch

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly becoming part of the aviation industry, making underlying algorithms and technologies ever smarter and more robust. Still, AI would not be developing at the same pace if it weren’t for the people behind it.

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The technical challenges of drone inspections

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, hold a lot of commercial potential. In the aviation industry, in particular, drone solutions, whether manual or automated, are becoming increasingly sought-after in performing visual aircraft inspections, which – unlike inspections performed by personnel – are easier, faster and more cost-efficient. As beneficial as that may be…

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Featured in “TU Delta”

Mainblades has been featured in the TU Delta – the alumni magazine for the Delft University of Technology. Check out the interview and our company story under the section ‘The Firm’: https://sites/

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First drone inspection for KLM E&M by Mainblades Inspections

KLM Engineering & Maintenance conducted a drone inspection in hangar 10 in collaboration with the company Mainblades. The Boeing 737-800 with registration PH-BXY was inspected by the drone for lightning damage. The first results of the test are positive. During operation, small damage may occur, for example, by lightning or hailing. The high safety standard…

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