Mainblades in 2021

Mainblades in 2021: a year full of milestones

Despite many turbulences in the aviation industry, Mainblades can look back on a year full of achievements and key milestones. We signed two partnership contracts, gave demonstrations across two continents, flew over 200 automated inspections, participated in several international conferences and managed to secure approval for outdoor flights at active airports in Europe.

outdoor aircraft drone inspection

Dutch Civil Aviation Authority ILT Approves Mainblades to perform Outdoor Aircraft Drone Inspections on Airports

Safety is one of the top priorities in aviation. That also includes the operation of drones. However, being, and more specifically staying compliant is an underestimated part of drone operations. Mainblades recently achieved a major milestone on this topic: the companies’ application to perform outdoor aircraft drone inspections at airports has been approved by the…